Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tips to Keep Your Correct Golf Grip

I know golf is a fashion game around the world! Are you a golfer? Want to know how to improve your golf game? Take a look at the condition and style of your golf grips.
Golf grips which provides faster grip lose is considered to be best golf grips! So, it is important to get a proper grip on your golf club and keep your correct golf grip!
In this article, you may find the good golf tips to keep your correct golf grip. If you are looking for good wholesale golf equipment, I would like to recommend the good Cheap R11 Driver and Ping G15 Driver to you.
There are 3 main types of golf grips Overlapping, Interlocking and Baseball and these steps should be followed whichever type of grip you choose.
Golf Grip Tip 1:
To begin gripping your club correctly rest the club head on the ground facing your intended target. Keep the club upright by resting it on the forefinger of your right hand and have your thumb holding the club in place. Your left hand should be hanging down naturally by your side.
Golf Grip Tip 2:
Now open up your left hand and make sure the palm is facing towards the club, move your hand to the club and rest the club shaft across your palm. Ensure the handle of the club rests diagonally across the middle of your left forefinger.
Golf Grip Tip 3:
Close the fingers of your left hand and hold the club in place, you should now move your right hand away from the club so only your left hand is holding the club.
Move your thumb of your left hand so it is lying flat and straight down the club handle. It should be resting a little bit to the right of the centre of the club.
If you follow these steps and continue practicing them, then I am sure in no time your golf swing will improve and you will be shooting lower scores round the golf course.
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