Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Interview of Luke Donald

Luke Donald is a British professional golfer who is the current World Number One, he has spent over 100 weeks in the top-10.
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Q. If I told you at this time last year you’d be world No. 1 coming into this week with Tiger 48 spots behind you, would you have questioned my sanity at all?
Luke Donald: Probably (laughing). Yeah, obviously there’s been a lot of change, especially in the World Rankings. But that’s how they work; if you don’t play and you don’t perform, you’re going to drop down, and if you play well and consistently, winning tournaments and having high finishes, you’re going to climb up that World Ranking pretty quickly, and that’s obviously happened to me.
Q. What do you think of the Player of the Year race? It seems like there’s half a dozen guys, including you, in the mix.
Luke Donald: Yeah, more incentive to play well and hopefully win the event. I think, again, it is a little bit open. There might be a few guys that probably have more of a shout than others. But I think a win this week would sway a lot of people’s minds. No one has really dominated as much as they have when Tiger was winning. A couple guys won a few events, two events, but there’s no clear-cut winner, and I think the guy who wins this week, especially if it’s out of the bunch of guys that are in contention for it, I think he’s got a good shot.
Q. Could you just tell me your strategy on how you attack the 11th hole?
Luke Donald: 11th hole is a slightly uphill par-3, a mid-iron, somewhere between 7- and 5-iron, depending on the pin locations. The big key here is not to short side yourself. Those front right pins, if you hit it right, the green slopes away from you and makes it very tricky. Good, solid, conservative targets, just giving yourself uphill putts hopefully.
I think that’s one of the things around this course at East Lake, you need to put yourself in the right positions and give yourself good looks.
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