Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nick Faldo Thinks PGA Tour Quite Good

Nick Faldo is an English professional golfer on the European Tour who now mainly works as an on air golf analyst. Over his career, he has won six majors: three Open Championships and three Masters. He was ranked the World No. 1 on the Official World Golf Rankings for a total of 98 weeks.
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“Tiger was obviously the most dominant player for 15odd years, while Phil (Mickelson) and Ernie (Els) have had very good careers but they’re overshadowed by Tiger,” said Faldo, who is in Saskatoon for a two-day stop Wednesday and Thursday for a charity fundraiser, the Drive for Kids Campaign.
“Winning three or four majors is not quite the same. Now everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to win a major and who’s going to be the next star in winning multiple majors. It’s tough.
“But the golf is good.” Faldo says the top 40 golfers have a chance to win any time they’re out there.
“There are a good 20 guys – which is probably more than there was before when they always talked about the big five – and there are 10 or so very good golfers and another 10 or so who are really good. Out of that (bottom group of 20), there’s another 10 who can really win as well. (In total) there are about 40 guys who have a chance to win most of the time. And they’re pretty colorful. Actually, we’ve got some good characters. There’ll be a few guys to watch next year.”
“The new shocks might be Jason Day, people like that. This Keegan Bradley, when he can hit 350 yards off the tee, that becomes very useful. And if you can hole-putt from the side of the green like he did on No. 17 (in the PGA championship at Atlanta), that was impossible. Just about everybody else three-putted and he holes it. Hey, maybe he’s got a little something special.
“I think it’s a really good time. The Tour is actually pretty interesting.”
Right now, there is no itch to play on Champions Tour. “I don’t have the time,” he stressed. “With TV golf, I’m out there already, on the road, with 20 tournaments there. These other business commitments, I do all the other stuff. You can’t just say, ‘I’ll practice for a week and go play,’ because these guys are doing it all the time. If I can find a putting stroke, I can think this might be fun again, if my putting improves. I can still hit the ball pretty darn straight, but you’ve to be able to putt or you don’t enjoy anything. It’s too hot in Florida even to practice putting. When it cools down, maybe during the winter, I might spend a whole month and just putt every day and see what happens.
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