Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rory McIlroy Vs Lee Westwood

Following the decline, if not fall, of Tiger Woods, Chandler is arguably the most influential individual in golf today, reshaping the game’s frontiers in the age of Rory McIlroy. Chandler has been 22 years in the empire-building business, long enough to recognize a game breaker when he sees one.
Now, the Britain Open is coming! Rory McIlroy may be the star but Andrew Chandler tips Lee Westwood for glory. Who will win the Open? In this article, I would tell you the latest golf news about Rory McIlroy Vs Lee Westwood. If you want to read the golf clubs reviews, you may read this funny article about TaylorMade R9 Driver for sale in my blog.
“One of the things we are good at is managing people’s expectations. For all the will in the world, Louis Oosthuizen knows an Open Championship win for him is not as big as a US Open win for Rory McIlroy,” Chandler said.
“Looking after Rory is a massive responsibility. It has been that from the start. You are trying to steer a straight course and avoid too many errors while ensuring that all our players reach their potential at golf. We don’t market the hell out of them trying to get every single dime. It is all about scheduling for the benefit of their careers.
“That said, Rory has a lot coming at him at the moment. You try to go through them and find the deals that suit him best and are the kindest for him.
“Rory loves sport. It’s his only hobby. If we do a deal with a company that involves ambassadorial work for them at a sporting event then that’s much more appealing for him than four tournament days with clients. If I can find sponsors that want to take him to Wimbledon, Man United, Formula One, that’s an easy deal to make.”
Chandler could fill an Open field with the number of talented supernovas that have been put his way on a change-the-world ticket. Few make the first tee in the pro game. McIlroy was another generating a lot of junior noise.
So what was so different about him? “It was obvious at 12 that he was special, different. He was smaller than everybody else, better than every body else, had a little swagger. He just stood out.
While McIlroy, Oosthuizen and Schwartzel have been breaking down major doors, Chandler has looked on with some empathy at the narrow failures of Lee Westwood, the player with whom he is most associated. Call it the sympathy vote if you will, but, whisper it quietly, Chandler is tipping Westwood, not McIlroy, to triumph this week.
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