Thursday, October 20, 2011

What will McIlroy’s Life be Now

Any golf fan would know Rory McIlroy won the 2011 US Open, do you want to know what McIlroy’s Life will be now?
This is what Rory McIlroy’s life will be now! Sometimes life just likes the look of you. Rory McIlroy isn’t normally given to the snarky aside but it was impossible not to smile at his Twitter message to Ian Poulter on Saturday as the Scottish Open began to look more like a Bannockburn re-enactment than a golf tournament.
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“Looks like the boys in Scotland are getting a great prep for next week,” Rory McIlroy wrote to Poulter, another who skipped the mess in Inverness and has had to fend off the odd poison-tipped arrow himself as a result. “4.40 wake-up calls and a soft golf course.”
This is what McIlroy’s life will be now. Every move and non-move analysed, picked apart and pronounced upon. Few sports find ways to knot their own knickers like golf does, as evidenced by the hilariously high dudgeon of Colin Montgomerie last week when asked about the broken shin Thomas Levet earned himself after jumping into a greenside lake upon winning the French Open.
“It’s the silliest thing that players have done over the years,” grouched Monty, “and let’s hope that’s the last time that ever happens. It is not the way to celebrate a golf tournament win. We are lucky it’s only a leg injury.”
McIlroy’s fame will never approach Woodsian levels purely because he isn’t American. But as we’re already seeing, he’ll have to fight his own machine in his own way. He’ll be forced to explain everything for everybody, from his schedule choices to his nationality to his love life. If his sweetness is stolen somewhere along the way, golf will be the poorer for it. But it’ll be the price of doing business.
Everything we’ve seen from McIlroy so far suggests a boy with enough cop-on to hold tight to that good nature. But if it ebbs away over the years, there’s a decent chance it will say more about his sport than it will about him.
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