Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rory McIlroy Won’t Go Easy on Tiger Woods

Rory McIlroy Won’t Go Easy on Tiger Woods

After the 2011 US Open, more and more people think that Rory McIlroy would be the next Tiger Woods, who is better golfer between Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods?

Nowadays, McIlroy plans Major raid while Woods recuperates, he said: I won’t go easy on Tiger! In this article, you may find golf news about Rory McIlroy. If you are looking to buy good golf clubs, you may try this G15 Driver who is hottest golf clubs in the golf market.

Rory McIlroy is determined to make the most of Tiger Woods being down and, for the time being at least, out as well. Tiger Woods has not won a title since November 2008 and has been out of action since mid-May because of knee and achilles injuries. He has yet to decide whether he is fit enough for The Open on July 14-17.

In contrast, McIlroy has spent the last week enjoying his US Open victory before visiting Wimbledon tomorrow and then starting practice for The Open. ‘It’s a good time for me to win things when he’s not playing his best,’ said 22-year-old McIlroy. He added: ‘The first thing for Tiger is to get healthy and see what happens from there.

The youngster is now part of an unprecedented 1-2-3 for UK golfers at the top of the world rankings with Luke Donald and Lee Westwood.

‘We saw Lee get to number one in the world and Luke has been very consistent for the last two years,’ he said. ‘We’re working hard to beat one another and strive to be better than everyone else.’

McIlroy added that he has not had time yet to reflect on the performance of his young life. ‘If I joined I’d feel like I was giving part of that up. I’m not prepared to move away from home yet and base myself in the US full-time.’

He also has plans to watch David Haye’s world title fight at the weekend and will be making an early trip to Sandwich rather than wait until Open week.

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