Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rory McIlroy Rose to World No 3

Rory McIlroy Rose to World No 3

Congratulations! Rory McIlroy! Rory McIlroy is a professional golfer who won the 2011 US Open, the Rory McIlroy rose to world No 3 on Monday. It is good news for any McIlroy’s fans, isn’t it?

In this article, I would like to tell you the Rory McIlroy’s social life goes into overdrive following US Open triumph. If you are looking to buy good golf clubs to improve your golf game, I would like to recommend the good TaylorMade golf - TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood to you!

The youngest US Open winner for 83 years is experiencing his first immersion in the world of celebrity, slam dunked you might say.

His eyes appeared to be spinning behind his thick-rimmed, black glasses on Monday and his hair was a law unto itself. The day passed in a series of stage-managed engagements with his clothing supplier Oakley in central London.

McIlroy said all the right things, indulged the Oakley marketing men with jolly anecdotes about the efficacy of their engineered fabrics and how important it was not to be constrained by his clothes. McIlroy could get the ball in the hole wearing a bin bag, but we knew what he meant.

“I can’t believe how busy I have been [since Congressional] but really need to get my head down now and get ready for the Open. I did a photo shoot last Thursday, hit a few then, and hit a few balls at Wentworth on Monday. I’ve cleared Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for practice. Going to practice more than play though I might get a game in somewhere.”

McIlroy played the golf of his career at Congressional, holding his game together across the four days to pile up a string of record numbers. He says he is not concerned about the time consumed by off-field adventures.

“I’m off to St George’s Thursday and Friday of the Scottish Open week. I then go back the following Tuesday for my press conference. I won’t play at all on that Tuesday; probably do 18 on the Wednesday.” You are the boss, now, Rory.

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