Thursday, November 3, 2011

Will Waterloo Host the LPGA

All of us may know Waterloo is a famous city! Do you know the LPGA would be hosted in Waterloo Region?
Waterloo Region has hosted many major sporting events, but the chance to be the host community for a Ladies Professional Golf Association tournament is an unparalleled opportunity from every perspective. In this article, you may find the newest golf news about Waterloo Region with LPGA. If you want to know much more golf clubs review or golf news, you may read this funny article about Callaway X22 Irons price
The stars of the LPGA will tee it up at the Grey Silo Golf Course in 2012. This opportunity arose because Waterloo-based Manulife Financial decided to sponsor the tournament, which will be held at the Grey Silo Golf Course at RIM Park in Waterloo next June.
From an athletic perspective, the tournament should be wonderful. The top women golfers compete only 24 times a year, so to have a tournament in the region is a rare blessing. Moreover, until now Canada has hosted only one annual LPGA competition. Waterloo’s event will give this country two.
The purse for the men’s tournaments may be higher, but the actual golf played at the women’s events is something the average golfer — male or female — might relate to more easily. As Canadian golfer Alena Sharp said: “Amateurs can relate to us more because we can’t hit the ball 320 yards.”
The tournament will also give both the City of Waterloo and Waterloo Region a significant economic boost. It could attract 60,000 spectators. A report by Toronto-based Sports Properties International and Alabama-based Bruno Event Team concluded that the tournament could put $20 million a year in the region’s economy.
The tournament will also be a community event. It will undoubtedly become the topic of discussion in homes, offices and coffee shops. Furthermore, the tournament’s professional staff will require the help of 1,500 volunteers, most of whom will probably come from the region. These people will have an experience they won’t quickly forget.
Waterloo Region is an ideal location for volunteers. The tournament’s high profile in a medium-size community will ensure that volunteers will come forward next year.
This tournament is not only a one-time event. Manulife will sponsor the tournament for three years and it has an option for the following two years. The odds are that Manulife will want to exercise its option.
The biggest regret golf enthusiasts might have is that they will have to wait a year. They probably wish the tournament was going to be held here this summer.
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