Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Golf Is Back, Golf Is Cool

Nowadays, all of us may know that Tiger Woods is not the best golf pro around the world. So, more and more golf fans think that golf is not exciting tournament. Now, Rory McIlroy may golf game coo. So, golf is back, and golf is cool.

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In winning last weekend’s U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy proved what golf enthusiasts, club pros and the occasionally overweight gentleman in a pair of chinos and a Tommy Bahama fedora have been pledging for decades.

McIlroy is an undoubted light at the end of the Tiger tunnel, a tunnel that featured a stunning car crash and severe highway traffic. Tiger’s exodus — not from the game, but from that lofty throne in the clouds where Zeus and Hera live — left the game he helped build in an almost heart-stopping turmoil.

All that work Tiger Woods had done to make kids love the sports — to get them to wear fitted Nike caps and work on their bunker game — was coming unraveled, caused on one part by Tiger’s infidelity and on the other by his suddenly sloppy golf game.

It’s unfair to automatically ask Rory — who’s just won his first major — to surpass Jack’s mark, or to surpass Tiger’s… Hey, it may be unfair to ask him to surpass Watson, Ballesteros, or Hogan, too. Sergio Garcia was supposed to be Tiger’s ultimate rival from 1999 on. At least, that’s what NBC wanted. Twelve years later, and El Nino still hasn’t won that first major.

I know that Rory’s great. I know he’s talented, and he’s charismatic and — here’s that word again — “cool.” But, McIlroy is not here to replace Tiger’s records (or, future records). He’s not here to take his place on the tee. He’s not here to be Tiger. He’s here to show that golf is alive and well, and that it isn’t just surviving without Tiger winning every tournament – it is better.

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