Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ping G15 Irons and I, Now and Forever

I still remember the day when I stepped out the college, with a confused look, I do not know what to do next. It seems that we graduates are abandoned by educational institution. So I hid myself at home, I spent time in playing computer games and sleeping.

Everything is gray in my eyes until the day my classmate show me his treasure, it is said that he found it at wholesale golf clubs mart. Maybe it is nothing for the amateur like me, however, after he told me the story about Ping G15 Irons, I get to know what I should do next, it likes a house build with bricks step by step.

Well, the technology of the G15 Iron provides the high-launching, maximum forgiveness benefits that the majority of golfers rely on to bring consistency to their iron play. The stainless steel iron's cavity design features a new Custom Tuning Port (CTP) which expands the perimeter weighting and increases the moment of inertia. Weight savings from a thinner face is re-positioned to the toe for added forgiveness on mis-hits and its wider sole produces a higher launch angle. Stronger lofts combine with a center of gravity located low and farther from the face to produce longer shots without sacrificing the higher trajectory required in a maximum forgiveness iron.

Wider sole positions center of gravity lower and farther back for increased launch angle.weight savings from thin-face design is reallocated to toe for increased MOI. Investment cast 17-4 stainless steel, heat treated. Hottest golf sale online Ping G15 Irons at our golf store makes it easy to get proper golf sets for golfers, and helps save more for golf shopping.

The majority of the G15's features should be familiar. The groves are painted the same with one final grove painted in white to help with alignment. The hosel has the same characteristic gouge all PINGirons have had in recent years. The sole of the club utilizes the same font as it has in the past. Essentially, besides the cavity of the club, the G15 could be mistaken for the G10. However, the redesigned cavity pushes the club from plain to pleasing.

It's said that PINGclubs have been called ugly for years. Honestly, I believe PINGalmost took pride in that statement claiming that they chose brains over beauty. However, the Ping G15 irons are not ugly. As if the engineers collaborated with an artist to design the club's cavity, the new red, black, and silver color scheme highlights the new Custom Tuning Port. The colors are both subtle and attractive.

So do not judge something by appearance, that's irrational. Now I am clear about what I should do in the future, thankful to my classmate and the Ping G15 Irons.

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