Saturday, December 24, 2011

I hope Titleist 712 Ap1 irons take the Indistinction away

I am so excited to say that the Autumn is coming, enjoy the fresh air, breath deeply! And listen to the pop music, people says that music can express which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent, I can not agree more with that, though, sometimes I try my best to make myself happy, and avoid something unhappy, I can not compromise inside.

I think that music can strike the fire from the heart of men, but bring tears from the eyes of women. In the part-time, I will visit the wholesale golf clubs mart and I am fond of the music, they relaxes me from the pressures. Yesterday, my friends told me that this website bring into many new golf items, I was happy to death, and they also said that titleist 712 AP1 Irons get the warm welcome.

According to the description, I get to know that the titleist 712 AP1 irons are made of graphite and steel. Copper red makes it more attractive, and the most important is that we just need to pay $399.99, the new item belong to us.

As is known to all, both the new AP1 and AP2 irons deliver an industry leading combination of performance, looks and feel. They feature our most advanced multi-material designs which deliver superior distance control through increased moment-of-inertia (MOI) which also provides outstanding solid feel. In addition we have made appearance improvements to both sets.

However, there is also some difference between titleist 712 AP1 irons and titleist 712 AP2 irons. Compared with the titleist 712 AP2 Irons, the Titleist 712 AP1 Irons are with the same size as their prede cessors, the most significant new feature is a progressive blade length, which the overall goal is to better apply the different materials players use in the design.

Well, it also features High quality, high technology design and construction featuring a stainless steel body, tungsten nickel sole and Tuned Feel System enhances performance and feel. The thin face with integrated aluminum and soft elastomer Tuned Feel System in the back cavity improves sound and feel at impact for a hotter, more lively feel. High density tungsten nickel sole bar reduces low frequency vibration for solid feel. Perimeter weighted back flange and tungsten nickel sole bar locates the CG low and deep for increased MOI, forgiveness and stability. High performance Nippon NS Pro 105T lightweight shaft features a medium tip for control and softer butt section for feel.

Although I have not taken the indistinction away completely, I will manage to find my way out., actually, I still believe the heard melodies are sweet, the unheard are sweeter! All in all, the weather get cool is a good beginning to help me think something over.

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