Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts on Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day again now, for me, I have no special expectation. Yesterday my boyfriend told me that he would give me a surprise this Valentine's Day! I don't think there is something strange, because he will say that to me each time during holidays. however, after I saw what he sent, it really disappointed me! so this year I keep low key about his excitement. but to my surprise, in the morning, he gives me a big box with golf: Callaway RAZR X TOUR Irons, that's pretty good for me, golf is what I most want to get last year, to be honest, I am a golf fans.

Well, I believe that the golfers will be crazy about the new golf brand when it put away at wholesale golf clubs mart, Callaway RAZR X TOUR Irons's outline is very beautiful, it is made of graphite and steel. the most significant is its price,$439.99 only. it makes a different feeling for me. and impresses me deeply.

Beginning golfers sometimes aren't sure which golf irons do what, and why. Choose the right irons will be a success of beginning golf playing. And just think about it; are drivers really worth $300 to $500 and iron sets $400 to $1000? You may also want to cheap golf clubs? Here you will find a good store to buy irons at wholesale price even retailing bargain. You can playbetter golf immediately by Callaway RAZR X TOUR Irons.

Power Meets Precision, RAZR Technology, VFT Power System, Tour-Inspired Head Shape, KBS Tour Shafts these are Callaway RAZR X TOUR Irons's key features. the new RAZR X Tour Irons are designed for low-to-mid handicap players looking for a next-generation combination of playability and workability. While other irons chase one specific performance attribute, RAZR Technology provides the optimal balance of distance, accuracy and feel, with Tour-inspired styling.

It's said that RAZR Technology shifts the center of gravity 23% lower and 18% deeper for enhanced playability, while also retaining the turf interaction advantages and workability of a thin-sole iron.

As is known to all, callaway is big and famous brand in golf items, I am very excited to get this golf item, all in all it is the best gift I get from my boyfriend, I want to say 'thanks' to him. the best gift on Valentine's Day is unforgettable!

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