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Why Rory McIlroy Feels Frenzied

Why Rory McIlroy Feels Frenzied

The wheel turns quickly in the world of sport but it has spun off its axle this week at Royal St George’s where professional golf – the fans, the players, the media “experts” – has rushed to embrace the new US Open champion, Rory McIlroy. Tiger who? Try Tiger Woods.
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The Northern Irishman will step on to the 1st tee of the 2011 Open Championship at 9.09am on Thursday and, contrary to the expectations of his new legion of fans, some of whom might not be entirely aware of just how hard it is to win a major championship, he will not be wearing a Superman cape. Like the other 155 players in the field he will come only with his caddie, his clubs and his talents.
That was enough to lap the field at Congressional Country club last month but Royal St George’s, a classic – some may say hardcore – links, presents an altogether different challenge, one that may not entirely suit McIlroy’s brand of golf.
McIlroy sees and hears and reads everything, by all accounts, and he is aware of doubts. More crucially for his hopes, he seems aware of his own deficiencies.
“I have prepared really well in the last two weeks working on shots I need out here,” he said. “Physically I feel a lot stronger but mentally I am a lot better than I was last year. It was a good lesson to learn and hopefully I will do better if I come up against that weather again this year.”
The 22-year-old was speaking after one final trip around the Royal St George’s links, this time in the company of his old friend and mentor Darren Clarke, along with the defending champion, Louis Oosthuizen, and the Masters winner, Charl Schwartzel. Afterwards, he showed off his prize – a crisp £20 note, which should accelerate his spiral towards an eight-figure fortune – and laid out his hopes and dreams for the next four days. “It’s my home Open and the one I want to win more than any other. I got my first major a few weeks ago and it would be nice to get my second this week. If not, I’ll just have to wait.”
McIlroy’s appeal lies in his talent, but there is also his personality. Unlike the former world No1, there is none of the pointless obfuscation on these occasions. He says what he thinks and feels. There is enormous credit in that, but there is also the risk of showing weakness. “If not, I’ll just have to wait”? In his prime Woods waited for no one. He wanted it there and then, the hell with what anyone else wanted.
That was the old Tiger Woods. The “new Tiger Woods” (a label the McIlroy camp is anxious to disown, incidentally) is more relaxed about these things, believing that the tournament is won out on the links and not in the pre-match skirmishes. There is great maturity in such thinking but there is perhaps just a smidgen of naivety. At an Open Championship every little thing counts – a bounce here, a bounce there; a word out of place here, a word out of place here.
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