Friday, December 23, 2011

Is a Credit Check Required for Payday Loans?

Payday loans are a modern way of securing cash fast. They are far more accessible than most other lending options available and therefore are often sought by those with a poor credit rating. However, in the most part applications will subject to some form of credit check.

When you apply for a standard loan with a repayment period of between one and five years the likelihood is that there will be a lot more money involved and therefore the lender needs to be careful about who they give the cash to. Therefore they have to run a stringent set of tests to establish the credibility of each applicant, this includes a credit check.

Payday loans operate in a slightly different fashion. They are a short-term borrowing solution and have to be repaid (in full) at the next available date - i.e. when your salary lands in your bank account. As a consequence it is far more important to the lender that you will have the funds available then, without being overly concerned about the long-term likelihood of repayments.

Therefore the credit checks carried out for this kind of cash advance are far more limited and are likely to only impact those who have the poorest scores. More important is your salary, as this will be a determining factor in how much you can borrow and your ability to pay it off. If you are paid far in excess of what you're trying to borrow then there's a decent chance you'll have your application accepted - regardless of the credit checks.

The accessibility of finance is something that payday loan providers advocate. Whilst they do charge a fair amount for the privilege, it is important that people who can afford the repayments are able to get access to the money they need.

The interest rates are rather high, which accounts for the larger than usual costs, however it is this APR that allows the lenders to take greater risks. If somebody should default they will be subject to further fees and interest, so it's important that you only ever borrow what you can afford. As long as you are fully understanding of the loans, how they are charged and what you need to do then there should be no issues.

In the unlikely event that your application is unsuccessful you can try to access other payday loan providers. Often this won't have a massive effect on your credit rating, but it may be that other lenders can accept greater liability and will take on those who may be deemed to be 'riskier'. You might even find that some advertise that they don't use credit checks at all, which of course would mean that your chances wouldn't be limited due to your past financial issues.

So whilst in the most part payday loans will be dependent on a credit check, this isn't necessarily something that you should be concerned about. Many companies use this as a cursory way of determining your risk factor and will place greater weight on your earnings.

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