Friday, October 21, 2011

A Review of Good TaylorMade Fairway Woods

For most golfers, it is important to own good golf clubs; and any golfer may know that the drivers and woods are probably the most important clubs in the bag and everybody loves them. Do you know why?
When you play golf game, mainly used for longer shots, drivers are usually the first club out of the bag on the tee. Some advanced golfers, however, may decide to use a driver off the fairway is they need a little extra distance. A fairway or metal wood is also used off the tee if you need a more accurate shot or you don’t need as much distance as you would get with a driver. The golf fairway wood is also important for any golfer.
Fairway woods are usually considered the most reliable golf club and seem to be a favorite because they tend to make you look better than you really are. This is a club that is evolving slowly but should definitely have a place in your bag. A fairway wood usually improves a golfer’s accuracy and allows him to loft the ball higher. In this article, I would recommend the good TaylorMade golf - TaylorMade R9 Fairway Wood to you.
Released by TaylorMade, the R9 Fairway Wood is the first fairway wood to feature Flight Control Technology (FCT) that allows you to change the face angle, loft and lie of the club in eight different changes. A total of 36 yards potential trajectory change allowing you to select your preferred ball flight and shot shape whether it’s a high draw or a low fade and even straight give you total control over your game.
A new classic clubhead shape combines super-high MOI (moment of inertia) and easy-launching CG (center of gravity) position while Fujikura Motore 70-gram shaft with High Inertia Tip (H.I.T.) Technology promotes faster ball speed. Arguably the best fairway wood on the market today, Taylormade has a winner here with this one.
Once you have a general understanding of when and why you need to use a certain type of club, there are still many decisions to make before actually making a purchase!
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